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I just had to tell you that reading your book/guide was a great experience. It was concise and very friendly. It will aid me describing my spiritual path to others. I have read some of the books in the appendix and enjoyed them and learned a lot but yours will let me find my topic more easily when I need clarification. It will be my "go to book". ...Thank you so much for this wonderful and inspiring book.

- Pam J.


As one of his massage and energy healing clients, I recommend Peter to anyone who seeks physical, emotional, or spiritual progress. His massages have helped me recover from plantar fasciitis and perpetually tight neck and shoulders; he can somehow sense my discomfort threshold and work knotted muscles deeply yet sensitively. In a way, I can say the same thing about his energy healing. He creates a safe, relaxing space that gently loosens psychic “knots” and leads to greater self-awareness and acceptance. Peter is a gifted, intuitive healer, and I feel lucky to have learned of his work.

- Cindy C.


Peter is a great multi-dimensional therapist. Can't say enough good things about the work he's done with me physically and energetically.

- Todd B.


(Regarding the 9 week, 18 hour course, Introduction to Practical Spirituality, taught with Adriene Nicastro-Santos.) Great first session, terrific people and amazing teachers. I learned some new things and revisited some things I knew but they were delivered in a new way that gave more clarity and understanding. I'm excited for our next session. Thanks for a great night, Adriene and Peter!

- K.W.


I met Peter nearly three years ago at a Sacred Garden Fellowship Weekend Retreat. I was immediately drawn to his gentle and genuine nature. He has ever amazed me with his extensive knowledge of science and the manner in which he is able to integrate it with the spiritual. Through his Manifest Healing sessions I have experienced relief of my physical pain, emotional confusion and discomfort, and gained a greater understanding of my blockages that have prevented me from living fully. Peter's strong intuition and powerful ability to apply it to the unique, integrated treatment he has developed, has made his sessions something to be experienced. Just recently, he performed a healing on my sprained ankle; the intense pain was gone within seconds! Thank you Peter!

- Adriene N.


That was crazy! It was like I was in a magic trick!​ Peter is an incredible healer and massage therapist.

- Grace P.

I was quite impressed with Peter. He is very intuitive, and I think his assessment is absolutely correct. I was so impressed that I walked out completely forgetting about payment!

- B.M.

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