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Peter has facilitated and co-facilitated groups and retreats on healing, intuitive development, and advanced spiritual growth. He has a friendly and inclusive teaching style and brings his comprehensive background in spirituality and energetic and spiritual healing to his events, often blending information across disciplines to encourage attendees to go beyond their minds in order to feel the lessons. This results in a more powerful experience and long-lasting understandings that provide a solid base for further growth.

In the past decade, Peter has experienced an increasing desire to express and share the spiritual and healing lessons he's learned over the years, even as his own journey of growth continues. Besides writing and publishing, he also began facilitating and co-facilitating spiritual groups and retreats as part of that expression and sharing. In his teaching capacity, he always tries to convey lessons appropriate for the group energy and includes experiential exercises to help drive home what is learned mentally so that participants leave with a feeling of knowing rather than with just a cognitive understanding. That is how true change comes about, shifting what we feel so that we can begin to attract more refined energies. With most events, he uses his intuition to guide the direction of the lessons and includes personal messages and guidance if received and desired to be heard. Some of Peter's past groups and events that he facilitated or co-facilitated include:

  • Spiritual Seekers: A monthly gathering with a talk on a spiritual topic, group sharing (if desired), hands-on healing (if desired), and feedback on personal experiences (if desired).

  • Guided Meditation: A monthly gathering with a guided meditation on the theme that the group presents, with feedback on the group's and individuals' meditation experience (if desired).

  • Spiritual Healing Practice: A monthly group that practiced spiritual and energetic healing on both group members and those not present, with intuitive, healing-related messages (if desired).

  • Intuitive Development: A monthly group exploring tuning in to higher energies and information, including psychically reading people unknown to the group and bringing in information from those who have passed away (commonly referred to as psychic readings or mediumship).

  • Introduction to Practical Spirituality: A 9 week, 18 hour, interactive course that introduces students to basic spiritual concepts and presents tools and techniques for living them daily. Based on the teachings of Archangel Gabriel channeled through Rev. Penny Donovan of Sacred Garden Fellowship. See for more information about Archangel Gabriel and other Master Teacher materials.


  • Weekend Spiritual Retreats: A number of weekend retreats co-facilitated with leaders of Sacred Garden Fellowship, bringing advanced spiritual teachings and experiences to the community.


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