With major life changes in 2012, Peter's desire to share what he has learned about spirituality and healing resulted first in a collection of poems, then in a book that summarizes his two decades of spiritual study, then a children's book, and most recently a short primer on the basics of spiritual growth. Since healing comes not only from physical and energetic interventions, he hopes these books help readers find new perspectives from which to view the world, resulting in shifts of perception that bring healing to all.

The Little Book of Spiritual Growth:
A Straightforward Primer on Energy, God, Spirit, Soul, and Ego
For the novice or expert, this short primer clarifies the basic terms and concepts that are critical to understanding what spiritual growth is and how we can go about realizing it. It describes how we must learn from our circumstances and environment to find our own path toward accepting, feeling, and knowing that our divinity lies within. To understand this is easy. To fully embrace it can be challenging. However, it is through the expression of being and living with love and joy that brings about the spiritual growth and transformation we seek.
Everything I Wanted To Know About Spirituality But Didn't Know How To Ask:
A Spiritual Seeker's Guidebook, 2nd edition

Whether you are a spiritual seeker just beginning to explore your path or one who has read countless books on spirituality, Everything I Wanted To Know About Spirituality But Didn’t Know How To Ask: A Spiritual Seekers Guidebook reveals practical information that is sure to enhance your journey. Now it its second edition, it includes questions and exercises at the end of each chapter to help anchor the principles presented and assist the reader in applying the concepts to their lives. If you are interested in understanding how to truly live your Truth versus how to simply exist in the world, this book is for you.


For two decades, Peter has been on a spiritual path studying how the world functions beyond the physical and how we as human beings can begin to understand and actually experience that feeling of transcendence. He leads the reader through basic spiritual concepts underpinning how we can develop and flourish while in physical form, drawing to ourselves what we need so we can come to know our inner divinity. From straightforward principles about the operation of energy to helpful tips on meditation, prayer, and overcoming the ego, this book collects the author’s most salient and useful material from years of learning about and experiencing Truth. Readers will be empowered by practical suggestions on how to apply spiritual principles for a renewed sense of well-being through embracing the profound possibilities we all hold for a happy, peaceful, loving life.

Little Gifts: The Adventures of a Pigeon-Angel

In this children's book, when an ordinary pigeon gets a surprise visit from an unusual friend, life becomes quite an adventure. Join Max as he and Gabriel deliver little gifts in this fun and exciting journey about helping others. Use the included exercise to assist you and your child to live in ways that are fun and helpful, bringing Little Gifts to life!

Little Gifts: A Collection

Little Gifts takes you on an inspirational poetic romp through casual observations of simple occurrences, spiritually insightful allegories, and challenging perceptual perspectives. It encourages mindfulness in daily living and plants the seeds for new and alternative ways of seeing and appreciating the world and what has come before us.