Experience the highest potential of mind, body, and spirit


NOTE: Peter is no longer offering in-person healing sessions.


To put it simply, healing comes from shifting our perceptions of what we believe. We constantly invite energies to us through their resonance to our conscious and subconscious beliefs, and the people and circumstances in our lives offer us a window into reaching a greater understanding of ourselves. When we disproportionately believe in illness or "bad" things, we draw to us those energies, and when we focus more on things like love and joy, we draw in those higher energies. Growing spiritually and healing the underlying cause of sickness are the same.

We want to guide the body and mind to a healthy path, transforming what has led to dis-ease and dis-content by living the belief in possibilities instead of the belief in limitations. The mind and body have an unlimited capacity to heal by unlocking the potential within. We need only remove the blocks that prevent us from seeing, feeling, and knowing that potential.


Manifest Healing (Peter's former in-person healing practice that incorporated therapeutic massage, energy work, and spiritual healing) was established to help guide others to take the initiative to manifest healing for themselves, for each of us is ultimately responsible for our own transformation. Peter now shares healing messages and guidance through his books, blog, and spiritual teachings. Through whatever medium he uses, his goal is to reframe dysfunctional soul memories, error perceptions, belief systems, and cellular memories to bring about a shift that allows the reader or client to experience the difference between simply existing in a less-than-optimal state and truly living up to the divine potential that is within us all.