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Welcome to the Manifest Healing Blog

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and showing an interest! My desire with this blog is to share my reflections and experiences of growing and living spiritually. Posts will encompass observations of and commentary on life through looking at it from a higher context, as well as contemplations of my personal struggles and successes navigating the spiritual path while in this particular physical form.

My book on spirituality, Everything I Wanted To Know About Spirituality But Didn’t Know How To Ask: A Spiritual Seeker’s Guidebook, provides a good background for understanding spiritual growth and discusses many themes of the posts to come further in depth, although what will wind up being posted should also enhance the understanding of the topics in the book.

I believe that the people, events, and environment around us teach us how to move forward spiritually if we are willing to look beyond appearances. Continuously being aware of what our individual world presents to us puts us on a path toward truly knowing ourselves, as it is a reflection of the energy we put out. I hope that by sharing what I have experienced and continue to learn will help you in examining your environment and assist you on your personal journey of transformation.



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