Peter is an author and spiritual teacher now living back in the beautiful state of Vermont. After nearly two decades doing computer work as an analyst while quietly pursuing his passion of studying spirituality and the healing arts in his spare time, he made a life-changing decision in 2012 to leave the corporate world to focus full-time on his spiritual and healing endeavors.

Having relocated back to Vermont in late 2019 after eight years in Pennsylvania, Peter now seeks opportunities to use his talent, experience, and wisdom in a manner mutually beneficial and fulfilling for both himself and those he works with, be it with individuals or corporations. Fundamentally, his desire is to create opportunities for personal, professional, and corporate growth using his broad background in different fields, which includes work in health policy, data, and financial analysis, as well as nonprofit administration, business development, new product design, writing, publishing, and spiritual healing and teaching.

Spiritual and Healing Work


In addition to comprehensive training in various physical, energetic, and spiritual healing modalities, Peter's path drew him to experience the beauty and energies of sacred sites around the world. His many journeys include walking the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain, trekking to sacred Mt. Kailash in Tibet, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, and exploring the canyons and mountains of Sedona, Arizona. As a spiritual-seeking pilgrim, these travels have helped him discover the underlying truth and harmony that permeates everything in this three-dimensional world, giving him a wealth of personal experiences and tools from which to draw inspiration.


Peter has studied with Sacred Garden Fellowship, a not-for-profit, spiritual, educational organization, since 2002 and was on their Board of Directors from 2009 to 2020. From  2015 to 2020, he has managed their archives of over 400 channeled lectures by Master Teachers going back to 1987 when Archangel Gabriel first channeled through Rev. Penny Donovan. He is currently re-editing and transcribing these lectures for publication.


In May 2015, Peter authored a children's book titled Little Gifts: The Adventures Of A Pigeon-Angel. In January 2015, he published a comprehensive book about energy and spirituality titled Everything I Wanted To Know About Spirituality But Didn't Know How To Ask: A Spiritual Seekers Guidebook. And in August 2016, he published The Little Book of Spiritual Growth: A Straightforward Primer on Energy, God, Spirit, Soul, and Ego. He has previously published a collection of spiritual poems titled Little Gifts: A Collection. See Books for more information.


All of the landscapes and pictures of sacred sites on this website come from his personal collection of photographs from his travel adventures.

​Legal Disclaimer

Peter is a licensed massage therapist (PA license # MSG007978).  He is not a medical doctor so does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe.  He uses his natural intuition, a wide range of knowledge of spiritual teachings and healing methods, and his ability to channel and work with energies to facilitate self-healing on many levels.